Ailments: Asthma after acute bronchitis, spinal pains for over 20 years.

...I finally became a happy person, and I owe this to you, Sir, and this energy healing power, which you control. For some time I suffered and the reason was asthma, actually I was totally exhausted. It all started several years ago when I had acute bronchitis.

Treating this with traditional means recommended by the doctor did not help much, I was getting tired and in the end I got this horrible asthma. I was not able to leave home, I could not sleep nor even walk freely, and every even smallest effort would bring me down. Even talking was exhaustive because then problem with breathing intensified and my breathing would become heavy. It would look as if I was constantly choking and wheezing.

I was so depressed that I really just did not want to live. And then came the day when a miracle happened. I know that this word may not fit here but it is hard for me to find a substitute. I will remember that day always, like a childhood poem... 7 August 2008, when in Strzelce Krajenskie arrived Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski, the famous biotherapist.

When I saw him I immediately felt that in this man there is something unusual. There also was a kind of feeling of happiness in that I can take advantage of his therapy. It is hard to understand and convey these emotions... but already after the first energy treatment I felt like newly born. Asthma, because that is what the doctors called this damn thing, disappeared without a trace!!!

With disbelief, I came out of the therapist's room into a world that again became beautiful and friendly. I can finally breath freely, walk, even run. Without any difficulty I walk the stairs up to my fourth floor apartment, which used to be total suffering and torture. I am not "walled-in" in my own apartment.

Let me mention that for over 20 years I suffered from spinal pains, which also limited my possibilities of moving about on my own. These problems also went away after four therapy sessions. Today I am the happiest of people. This wonderful man has become a close friend to me, who has saved me from suffering.

I then take the liberty to say: Thank you Wiesiu Jaroslawski, may God continue to support this power due to which you can help people so well. I myself saw tears of mothers who thanked you for bringing back the health of their ailing children, and I am glad that you give such great hope for healing to so many who suffer.

With all my heart I thank you again,
Maria K.
Strzelce Krajenskie, 20.08.2008