Ailments: cancer (right breast)..

Here is my brief testimony:

Diagnosed: April 2016.
Treatment: chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and bio energo therapy.
I began biotherapy treatments early on in my journey. Wieslaw was able to read the energy in my body and pin point exactly where the tumor was. The treatments made me feel relaxed and I'm positive helped me with the side effects of chemo. He also gave me suggestions on altering my diet. The combination of conventional treatments and unconventional ones (in addition to bio energy treatments), I believe helped to give me a positive outcome. Shortly after my first chemo and bio therapy treatment, I noticed my tumor shrinking. The results of my surgery showed no cancer in the removed breast or lymph nodes.

A year after my diagnosis, I continue to visit Wieslaw to help with energy levels, stress levels and to unblock any blocked energy and advise me if he detects anything unusual in my body. I always leave the office feeling positive and relaxed. I am so happy that I decided to try this therapy.

Thank you.
Elisabeth M.
Mississauga, May 20, 2017