Ailments: Trauma after electric shock accident that evolved into depression lasting several years..

...It will be about five years now since I had an accident at work and experienced electric shock. It was a medium burn, but in effect of all events connected with this my psyche suffered the most.

In the company they mixed everything up with this accident. My superior who had not organized the work properly tried to put all the blame on me. I defended myself as best I could, but my psyche was weakening, problems with sleep started, a depression was deepening. Horror was growing, a paralyzing fear, a feeling of danger from all around and complete lack of satisfaction with anything in life.

I met with several doctors and specialists, they prescribed some tablets, after which I would gain several days of relative calm and then everything returned to the previous state, so I would go back to swallowing tablets so as not to be depressed completely.

Finally, after several months of waiting I had an appointment with a super specialist, but here also my hopes for aid were shattered. He said, that in all it is not that bad with me, he prescribed more tablets and added that if things got worse I should try to call him.

Again I ended up in the hell of fear, dread and total feeling of total lack of any sense. Then the family doctor was treating me again, prescribing more tablets, probably "Paxyl", which gave only a moment of relative peace.

At the next time of the dumps I ended up at a doctor's specializing in psychiatry, psychotherapies and neuropsychiatry. I am under his care for about four years. All this time I swallowed drugs of the newest generations, just to function at least at minimum.

During last summer I was planning to travel with my wife to Poland for a family wedding. I was in better form, the event was joyous and under my wife's suggestion I stopped taking the pills, for about a month. After a moment of relief, unfortunately I relapsed into depression. Around me I saw only negative things - all this hurt and agony was growing, so after returning from this spoiled vacation I again was stuffing myself with psychotropic drugs.

It was at this time that I found out about Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski - I remember that it was November of 2007. I was a skeptic, but what did I have to lose?

And suddenly something good and beautiful began to happen. I felt a fantastic, energetic influence of this man. There were four or five of these therapy sessions. After each I felt more relieved and relaxed.

Mr. Wieslaw suggested that I slowly start to decrease the number of tablets that I was taking, and in the end I stopped taking them at all. Now, after several months since I stopped taking drugs, I can say that I am relaxed, calm guy who enjoys life and is completely happy.

And there is not the slightest doubt that this happened because of the miraculous energy therapy, which Mr. Jaroslawski conducts.

Grateful for life,

Jan M.
Mississauga, 16.02.2008