Ailments: Idespread, continuous and steadily increasing pain, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, lack of sleep.

...All this began to grow and accumulate some three years ago. I was in such a bad state that I completely could not do anything at all. I was torn apart by constant pain attacking everywhere, and dizziness and irregular heart beat topped with lack of sleep. The nights were the worse because then all these symptoms grew. At moments I thought that this is the end.

I kept visiting my family doctor for a year and a half. Through this entire period I did not get a specific diagnosis. I had X-rays and USG, various additional blood tests and from all these tests the conclusion was that I was healthy as a fish, but I continued to suffer. Finally some sort of bacteria was discovered in me, maybe it was Helicobacter, and this gave the basis for prescribing a whole battery of antibiotics. One didn't work so I would get the next, and this was repeated about four times or even more. And after all this, nothing at all improved, on the contrary I felt worse.

And at that moment I found out from newspapers about the unusual effectiveness of energy therapy conducted by Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski.

And already during the first meeting you said, and right away, that I have a problem with the left kidney, and if I don't believe this I should have a specialized test done. Another indicated problem pertained to the oviducts.... it was bad there too. I did not ignore this information. I had the specialized tests done soon. The results showed that my left kidney was enlarged and there was a rather large cyst on the left oviduct.

Then I really strongly believed in your therapeutic capabilities and came for several regular visits. I did not have to wait long for effects. I was clearly coming back to life, the cyst was gone, the pain that overwhelmed me disappeared, and I began to regain strength swiftly.

I can say with total responsibility that my body is back to normal. I am filled with energy and view the world differently. I am finally healthy and just simply ...I am eager to live.

For this successful help,
With all my heart I THANK YOU !
Dorota B.
Brampton, Ontario, 2009.04.04