Ailments: Severe asthma attacks over a period of 3 years, attacks of breathlessness occurred regularly three to four times a week, mainly at night.

My problem was asthma, and a sharp one at that.

It began 3 years ago, attacks of breathing problems, tiring nights without sleep (because then all symptoms accumulated and prevented normal breathing), as a result there was a decrease in physical and psychological condition.

I began visits to doctors, from one to another. They said that my illness will never go away and with time it will get worse.

I was not about to give up and within six months I visited successively three naturopathic doctors, of whom I heard positive opinions. They recommended herbs, diets, acupuncture - if one is to speak of a positive effect, it was slight and momentary.

I began to get depressed when an acquaintance, who had taken advantage of your help (you had removed strong pain from her legs, which she had suffered for months), heartily recommended you.

I must say that I am an unbeliever and I would not decide to have energy therapy but "a drowning man grabs a blade" so I took the risk and made an appointment. This was on December 8, 2006. After that the impossible became possible.

Normally, my attacks of breathlessness occurred regularly three to four times a week, mainly at night. During the first night after therapy at your office there was an asthma attack so I had to sit up and catch my breath. Usually, I struggled for at least an hour, or even longer, but this time it was a slight attack and a short one. And this was the last of my troubles!!!

The second and third night passed calmly, the following ones also. After a week I repeated the visit and everything calmed down ideally and went away. Finally came the nights of good sleep that I dreamed of for years.

Until today, when I am writing this letter, on 01.03.2007, only once did I have a slight feeling of breathlessness and its is hard to even compare this to an attack.

I used to be connected to sports and was very active physically, I did a lot of running, but when I became ill (I recall that this lasted three years) I had to leave all that. Now I began to jog again. I can easily say that I feel a thousand times better!

In closing I would like to recommend wholeheartedly the therapy performed by you, sir (here I want to underline your name - JAROSLAWSKI), to all those who often come up against doctors' categorical statements that some illness is not healable. I came to you, sir, FOR HEALTH and in my case it turned out that what was to be unattainable became real after the energy therapy and today I enjoy its fullness.

Marek M.
Mississauga, 01.05.2007