Ailments: Skin cancer, arthritis.

I am an 83-year old man burdened with ailments but the most serious one is cancer of the skin and arthritis.

These cancerous changes of the skin on my forearm had been removed surgically last year. Unfortunately, the dangerous cells began to grow again, this time on my ear.

I desperately sought help and then an acquaintance convinced me to visit Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski. I went, but without much hope, more so for her peace of mind.

I was in a bad psychological state and each morning as I awoke I would touch with horror this nasty growth on my ear, seeing how fast it is growing.

Despite my skepticism, already after the first therapy meeting there was a result that was hard to describe because the word exceptional seems too bleak to me.

Well, after three, or maybe four, days from the visit, as usually in the morning, after waking up, I automatically touched my ear and I could not feel that thing, nor find it. That growth which had already been quite large simply disappeared without a trace. And I simply was reborn, in general I feel great and, by the way, the aches in the joints also disappeared!

Friends just cannot recognize me because now even my voice is stronger and I feel like making jokes.

And I owe all this to Mister Jaroslawski,
To whom I am hugely grateful,
Jan B.
London, Ontario, 20 June 2010