Ailments: Abscess on the colon near the rectum.

It is not easy to write of an ailment that fell on me with horrific pain about two weeks ago. However, the tortures I went through and the course of treatment are worth putting on paper.

Everything started with the appearance of a sharp pain near the rectum. Some sort of abscess, thickening or some other nasty stuff formed there. At the very end of the colon, right at the rectum a thickening formed that radiated pain. It was something horrible and the pain was just overpowering.

From the family doctor I went to the Emergency Room at Trillium Hospital in Mississauga. The doctor on duty said that it is an abscess and without additional tests made an incision in this thing. The pain shock almost paralyzed me and my scream must have scared all the people in the waiting room. On the cotton swab some blood appeared and I got some ointment, but there wasn't even a trace of improvement - the horrible pressuring pain continued. Each step, any exertion, even coughing were such a torture that I wanted to howl.

This situation completely broke me up and weakened; I could not work and could not rest. The swelling that I had in the area of the incision increased and so did the pain even though I had thought that impossible. The doctors offered no further help, no specialized tests, nothing - I was left on my own.

In this hopeless situation I came to Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski after finding information in a newspaper. It is normal that a drowning man will even grab a knife so I took the risk and it turned out that this was my most fortunate decision

I met with the bioenergy therapist twice, day after day, (Friday and Saturday) and after the second visit on the way home I felt a distinct relief. The pain was becoming milder as if turning a knob on a radio. If I wanted to describe my pain on a scale from 1 to 10 then before the visit it was an eight and right after the visit ... maybe a four. I could already climb the stairs, which was impossible before.

In the next four days with every moment it was getting better and soon the pain was gone - and I'm writing this letter after the third visit with Mr. Jaroslawski. I feel so great that I guess I'll start flying.

It is worth adding that from the first meeting with a doctor I spent more on the ointments and pills than on the entire series of biotherapy sessions that I had and those medical preparations actually were harmful to me. After several attempts to use the ointments and suppositories I just threw them out.

And now I most certainly want to thank this miraculous therapist who so quickly and definitely rescued me from those horrible tortures.

Krzysztof S.
Mississauga, 11.05.2012