Ailments: Buzzing in head and spinal pains after a strong attack of depression, roaming pain preventing sleep at night, raised sugar level and high blood pressure, numbness and prickling sensations in hands, taking pain killing drugs, problems with walking.

... My illnesses, such as buzzing in my head and spinal pains, started 3 years ago when, after a strong attack of depression, I landed in the hospital, at the psychiatric ward. The cause of this was my harsh life and conflicts with the family of my past husband and his second wife.

The last Christmas Eve brought a crisis, I could not stand it, I cried for two days and finally cut my hand with a knife. I was taken to the hospital, where I received strong medicine for calming my nerves, after which the constant buzzing sound in my head started. The family doctor stopped prescribing hormonal pills and then the pain in the spine and head began and sugar level in the blood rose.

After taking the sedatives for six months, the pain everywhere grew. A sharp pain in my left leg that roamed from the hip to the ankle prevented me from sleeping at night. My whole pelvic area was aching, my knees felt feeble and more often I could not walk. In addition, my hands were numb and prickling sensations in my hands were so distressing that I could not even peel two potatoes for dinner.

Searching for aid, I went for chiropractic sessions where I had treatments with the use of electronic apparatus.

Doctors diagnosing the constant buzzing in my head kept repeating that there is no medicine for this and at my age (I am 66) this may happen. I also had tests for nerve stimulation in my leg and some small changes were discovered. All this treatment and consultations brought no effect. Without pain-killing drugs such as "Advil", and at least two of them, I could not sleep through the night, or even turn from side to side.

In April of 2006 I went for a long vacation to Poland. There I went for several session to a chiropractic in 'od', but I felt relief for only a short time. After returning to Canada, I read in a newspaper on September 14 (that date I will always remember) about Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski and decided to seek his therapy, even though most acquaintances expressed doubt and argued against this move. Life has proven that my decision was the right one.

After 5 visits with Mr. Jaroslawski, I finally can sleep well without poisoning myself with pain-killing tablets. Blood pressure became quite regular, blood sugar is at a safe level below 6 (Polish standard).

My leg and hips are not painful, hands do not become numb and prickling sensations are gone. The twenty-minute walk to my bus stop I now do without stopping or limping, which previously was not possible. I was very glad to lose 5,5 lbs. Aha - even though I stopped taking the anti-depression drugs, I do not cry, sleep well, in general I feel well and I have no doubts that this is to Mr. Jaroslawski's credit.

I keep a notebook on my blood pressure, which used to fluctuate about 160-96-63 pulse, and now it is: 8 XI, 120-64-72 pulse, 9 XI, 121-67-73 pulse. In recent 17 days it reached 130-68-74 pulse only once, but that was after drinking coffee. All is quite well.

Thank you with all my heart.

Wieslawa B.
Mississauga, 9 XI 2006