Ailments: Cyst (cancerous tumor) on an ovary.

….My encounter with cancer started very innocently. In February of 2010, I visited by family doctor due to anxiousness regarding extended bleeding after a monthly period. I already had such symptoms several months previously. I received a referral for an ultrasound. This test showed a cyst of about 3 cm on the right ovary. My family doctor informed me that in many cases cysts disappear on their own so in my case it will be the same – but she told me to repeat the test after two months; just to be sure that everything is alright.

I repeated the test at the end of April. Unfortunately, the result was not good. The said cyst instead of disappearing had grown to 4 cm and changed, as the doctor said: “to a dark sticky substance”. The next stage was a visit at a gynecologist. She said that it is a tumor that must be removed soonest and together with the ovaries. In the meantime I also had a blood test done to find out if the tumor has cancerous cells and again the result was not good – the permissible top limit of 35 units was significantly exceeded, to the level of 399.

This was decisive in the gynecologist’s desisting from undertaking removal of the tumor; she sent me to Princess Margaret Hospital Cancer Center. Only someone who goes through such stages of tests knows what happens to a person. This is a real downward slide; my entire world fell apart and I saw everything in the darkest colors.

And at this moment an event beneficial to me took place. Upon advice of well-wishing people I came to see Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski and, while waiting for my appointment at the Cancer Center, I started the energy therapy sessions. After the first visit and analysis of the state of my health, Mr. Wieslaw said that an operation will not be needed and the tumor will dissolve. It was quite hard for me to believe this and overcome the skepticism. However, to my surprise, already after this initial session the excessive bleeding stopped completely and for good. My psyche also improved; I became calmer and relaxed and did not think of the worst.

When my appointment at the Oncology Center finally came up I already had five biotherapy sessions. Again a blood test was done and after ten days a magnetic resonance. At the end of July, with my soul on my shoulder, I marched for the final diagnosis and decision “what next”. But it was not necessary to describe this “what next” – the blood returned to normal completely and the tumor, which had grown at the rate of 1 cm per month, became so tiny that no operation was necessary. It was recommended to repeat the resonance in three months, just in case. A question arises. What happened?

I had not taken any drugs, just the therapy conducted by Mr. Jaroslawski. It is said that there are no miracles in medicine but in my case such a fact seems to have come about. I am ending this letter with a note of humor because I have finally regained joy and peace of mind and I know well that it was not a miracle but Mr. Wieslaw’s good energy that returned my health. Years go by and all is well.

Thank you sincerely,
Grazyna P.
Toronto, 16.11.2012.