Ailments: Tumor inside uterus.

I am 25 years old. Several months ago I had traditional check-up at my family doctor's. Then I felt a slight pain when the doctor pressed on my stomach. This reaction caused the prescription of an ultrasound exam. To check if everything was okay.

Unfortunately it was not. The results indicated the existence of a defined tumor inside my uterus - the type of this tumor was not known, initially described as a cyst or fibroid. And the doctor prescribed more tests to get answers on what it was that attacked me and what the next steps should be. That same day my mother made an appointment for me to see Mister Jaroslawski. And right after the first meeting I decided that I want to maintain this type of energy therapy and I made an appointment for the next day.

In the following week I organized dates of the test appointments, but in a way that would leave more time for the bioenergy therapy sessions and to find out what their effect will be. Most of all I wanted to avoid the threat of an operation which hung over me.

During the second visit I began to clearly feel an energy flow. To illustrate this - I felt as if my stomach was "in flames". And such a feeling of energy flow accompanies me during all sessions with Mister Wieslaw. There was a total of six. Finally it was time for my ultrasound tests. The technician who did these was the same lady who had checked me the first time. She then knew what to look for, but to be sure she looked at the results of that test, and then set the apparatus precisely as to make deep and precise focuses on the cyst in my uterus.

The following day my family doctor called me and asked me visit him right away because he has to talk to me.

Immediately the worst thought came over me because it is obvious that lack of news is good news. So I gathered all my strength and went to see him, however a certainly was not ready for what I heard. All the ultrasound tests did not show any trace of the tumor. Nothing bad or dangerous was found! I almost fell off the chair when I understood the news.

Immediately I called my parents to share my joy. It was difficult for us to understand that my dangerous problem simply disappeared in such a short time, but at the same time this was the most wonderful news that I could receive. And I owe all this to the energy therapy done by Mister Jaroslawski. I also decided that even though my treatment is finished to visit the clinic every few months so as to feel safe and be sure that nothing bad will repeat itself. It is difficult for me to describe how deeply grateful I am. But I will certainly keep this feeling always.

Monika S.
Hamilton, Ontario,05.02.2010