Ailments: Chronic difficulty with breathing and lack of energy for any daily activities, dry cough and severe blockage of the nose diagnosed as bronchial asthma, thyroid problems, cysts in breasts, high blood pressure, open sores in both palms.

...Please excuse a certain chaos in my letter, but it is hard to take control over the positive emotions, which erupt and make writing difficult for me. There are so many good words that I would like to write about you, Sir. I will try to put it in order now.

I must admit that to the first therapy appointment with you I was going without conviction. I have previously gone to many herbal therapists, energy therapists and those healing with Chinese methods - without effect. But the opinions connected with your name were so promising that I took the risk. And even more, that visit appeared to me as my last hope.

Health issues I had many - tiring problems with breathing connected with a horrible dry cough were getting more severe. The nights were the worse because the symptoms did not let me lay in bed and sleeping was out of the question. Days also were not much better when I could not function normally, and the slightest exertion was torture for me. I moved about without any strength and each action would tire me completely. On top of this I had severe blockage of the nose that made breathing difficult.

After a month in the hospital there was no improvement, and it even was worse. The doctors said I had bronchial asthma and send me home.

To these ailments I still have to add problems with the thyroid, cysts in my breasts, high blood pressure, and sores on the inside of my hands. All this plagued me for 10 years.

Medical prognoses were not optimistic. I kept hearing that it was a chronic illness that cannot be treated effectively, sometimes it will be better and then worse, difficulty with breathing will be greater with time and improvement is not expected.

I was terrified of taking drugs all my life. The problem of open sores on my palms was just as bad. I kept going from allergy specialists to a dermatologists, and all had medical titles. All had nothing to say about my condition.

In the end, i was placed in a Dermatology Ward in a renown clinic. I had many tests done and many treatments. The affected skin layers around my sores were sampled, my hands were frozen, various ointments were put on, and these included steroids. Doctors, professors and an entire auditorium of students looked at my hands. All the experiments, samplings of new pharmacological preparations - taken by mouth and spread over the skin, did not give any positive effect.

The affected areas itched terribly, which intensified the pain. My poor hands were also treated to injections, every few centimeters, which were supposed to bring relief and cause healing of the sores. I can only say that these hurt immensely, and relief, if it did happen, was very short.

...I was forbidden any contact with water, detergents and just with anything at all. For esthetic reasons I had to wear gloves because my hands really looked repulsive.

When I first sat on the chair in your office, I don't know exactly what I felt - probably a mixture of uncertainty and fear. Doing the analysis of my health, without asking about anything, you mentioned everything that troubled me. I was shocked, and let me add, you did not omit a thing.

During the treatment I was becoming more and more calm, I felt that my breathing was getting lighter and there was a pleasant relaxation. I could not believe that this is really happening.

Already after the first visit I felt a huge relief hard to describe, I almost flew home. I wanted to show my family that I can breath just like they do! I do not pant and gasp anymore, and the next day I cleaned the whole house and made dinner, and all this with joy not pain.

The next visit, or rather the effect of that visit, for me bordered on a miracle. After so many years of suffering my sinuses were unblocked due to your capabilities.

I do not know if I will put this into words very well, this what was happening to me. A wave of heat came over me, my feet were burning as if I was standing on hot coals, At home there also came a huge pain from the sinuses. It was already late at night when I felt I had to clean my nose - at this time the balloons of puss that were blocking my sinuses opened up and all that muck started to flow to the outside. This lasted the whole night (!), but in the morning I could finally breath, as the saying goes "with my full chest". All this was done by this awesome energy of the Master of Biotherapy Wieslaw Jaroslawski.

I should also add that I stopped taking the thyroid pills and I also do not take the drugs to ventilate the bronchial tubes. After successive sessions I became a healthy person. I feel great and am optimistic. Thanks to the therapist named Jaroslawski everyday life is beautiful again.

I do not know how to express my gratitude, I still do not find fitting words because thank you can be used for some small things but here it is a matter of great things, pertaining to human health and life. My gratitude is without boundaries.

I still continue to take advantage of the benefits of energy therapy. The open sores on my palms are also closing up. The improvement is huge. I have my next therapeutic energy session next week. I wait for this visit eagerly, and in the meantime I wish the Master much strength and always fresh energy for all of us in need and suffering.

With respect,
Ewa M.
Mississauga, 1.05.2008