Ailments: Dislodged disc in middle of back, excruciating pain while sitting and while moving, especially while riding in an automobile or bus.

I must somehow get this off my chest and describe the feelings associated with therapy by Mr. Jaroslawski. I had suffered so much and this dislodged disc had ruined my life. Each movement was halted by indescribable pain in the middle of my back; it was as if someone was cutting with a knife. The worst endeavours were travels by automobile or bus, when jolts caused a growing interior vibration and pain grew to unimaginable proportions...putting this suffering into words is not possible. Sitting at a movie for example even with straightened back, in spite of the back support, was also impossible and after a short while I had to leave the cinema with tears in my eyes. Massages that I tried only made things worse.

One of the discs in my spine dislodged and caused torturous pain. Supposedly some nerve was out on top and every careless movement caused the world to whirl in the rhythm of pain paroxysms. I just could not stand this anymore and I asked the doctors for surgical intervention.

But about a week after talking with the surgeon I ended up at the office of Mr. Wieslaw and I am not sorry for even one of those thousands of kilometres that I had to overcome on the way to see him. Right after the first visit I was literally cut off my feet. I fell apart for some two hours; I was literally falling over, and finally fell into bed and deep sleep. However, after this "sleeping it off" I got a real kick of energy and could get out into the open...I am writing could, even though the more correct expression would be that I had to go out walking to somehow defuse myself. I marched over five kilometres, which earlier would have been impossible for me to do - my legs just carried me on their own.

The next day I should have awakened exhausted, crumpled, aching all over and barely alive because that is how it was previously and after much shorter walks, but I was like newly born. I got SOMETHING, like a supplement of freshly oxygenated blood. All that was unbalanced in me started to fall into place. I could breathe deeply, finally without pain; I felt lightness in my lungs and bronchi.

I knew that my whole body began to regenerate, as if a self-healing process was initiated, as if a new interior created itself. Finally this system of mine, stabilized by Mr. Wieslaw, got involved in renewing the place of my dislodged disc. I was amazingly light, the constant dizziness disappeared, the entire stress disappeared somewhere and I could share my freshly gained joy with all those dearest to me.

Each day it is better, this dislodged disc is returning to its proper place, settling down and the damaged portion of my spine is getting healthier. It is hard for me to believe that the healing process is going so efficiently and quickly...still this is a fact.

Elzbieta S.
Vancouver, 2009.09.19