Ailments: (Boy age 1 year and 8 months) - heavy asthmatic breathing after croup, high temperature increases.

My small son Martyn became ill with croup when he had 6 months and right after that ended he started to breathe heavily and asthmatically, so hard that he could be heard in the entire apartment.

The doctor who checked him said that this will go away with time, however, it was quite the opposite, it kept getting worse.

When he was one year old he also kept getting high temperature increases. This would happen at night and during the day the temperature would fall. Our son' breath was continuously heavy and loud.

Then I went with Martyn to see Mister Jaroslawski. It was June of 2006 and my son had one year and eight months.

I was very surprised that the entire therapy was completed in two sessions. Already after the first energy treatment he started to breathe easier and the night-time temperatures went away. During the second visit we had taken my eight-year old daughter along and she witnessed the energy treatment of her brother. She was awe struck and later commented: "That man was like a magician" - because during this concentration on Martyn, the child suddenly coughed and after a moment his breathing became peaceful, steady and returned to a normal state. From that moment Martyn has been breathing like a normal healthy child. At the moment I am writing this letter my son is already six years old and is a very active boy without any illnesses.

I described this whole history upon such a delay but now I am one hundred percent certain that the positive treatment by Mister Wieslaw was effective permanently.

I am expressing sincerest gratitude
of a very happy mother of Martyn,
Anna G.
Georgetown, 23.11.2010