Ailments: Pain by the right shoulder blade - long-term and growing.

Over a year ago, I began to sense a growing pain by the right shoulder blade. From week to week it was getting worse. I went from one doctor to another. Various pills were prescribed - pain killers and against infections, but none worked. I was sent to have an MRI and it was determined that my tendons are over-strained, or rather have tears and in this situation the only solution may be an operation. This option however was totally unacceptable to me.

Pain continued; I could not work anymore; I couldn't even raise my hand to comb my hair and I could only dream of washing my head. Even putting on my bra or blouse exceeded my movement capability. An awful barrier was the constantly paralyzing pain.

At this critical moment, I again met with a surgeon, who ordained a shot with "depomedrol" for my unfortunate joint (but I also have a raised sugar level). What came next could only be described with an illustration to "walking on the walls" - the pain attack was totally horrible - I could not walk or sit and sleeping was out of the question. Each slight movement of the shoulder blade brought a new huge needle of pain. I had to turn to "Tylenol 3" with codeine - but the effect was miserable.

As despair was engulfing me, I found unexpected rescue in a newspaper, where I read an article about the healer Wieslaw Jaroslawski. I made an appointment immediately and already after the first session of bioenergy therapy the pain clearly decreased (!). Finally, I could sleep instead of suffering at night. I also could move my hand and do the basic activities connected with everyday life - such as washing my teeth.

After the second visit, I could say that the energy treatment by Mr. Wieslaw brought back about 70% of my movement capacity. Just in case, I added two more sessions and everything came back to normal. Over a year-long horror of pain ended quickly and for good and I could go back to work. I am writing this letter after six months from the time when my problem disappeared and still all is well.

It simply is not possible to overvalue the beneficial influence of the energy created by Mr. Jaroslawski - I won't find sufficiently strong words.

Let me just say - Thank you with all my heart,
Jadwiga P. (57 years of age)
Mississauga (Ontario), 19.02.2013