Ailments: Problem with achieving pregnancy.

This will be a joyous confirmation of the therapeutic capabilities of Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski in treating infertility. We are a young married couple and we wanted a child very much.

Time flew, two years passed, we were healthy, all medical tests confirmed our capability of becoming parents - but we could not achieve the desired pregnancy.

We even started to think through the ,,in vitro" method but then my mother saved us.

She knew well the healing effectiveness of Mister Wieslaw. She was his patient and after several visits achieved very clear improvement in her ailments and convinced me to make an appointment for energy therapy by him.

All this took place in November and two visits were sufficient for him to regulate my body .... and already in January I was able to joyfully inform my mother that she will be a Grandmother.

Without any complications I gave birth to a beautiful girl and it was the therapy that helped me in fulfilling the sweetest dream. The child is very healthy and is developing wonderfully.

And I am looking at her and writing, in my own name and my husband's, these words of gratitude directed to Mister Jaroslawski.

Agata F.
Oakville, 2 November 2010