Ailments: Massive heart attack with shut-down of all internal organs needed for life.

It was March of 2017, Saturday afternoon, when I went to church with my family. In reality, I remember only the entrance, because soon after-wards I felt weak and then I fainted. Consciousness left me and for quite some time as it turned out later. That what I will write is based on family information, which I was receiving some time later.

It was my luck that a nurse was present at church. It was she who declared that my heart stopped beating. As it turned out later, a heavy, massive heart attack was upon me. She started resuscitation and artificial breathing. Unfortunately, she was not successful in getting me back into consciousness.

There also was a fireman in the church. They are also trained in doing first aid. In case of various accidents, they go into action along with the ambulance service and they are first in resuscitation actions for persons hurt in the different accidents. So, luck was not leaving me. This fireman had in the trunk of his car a more professional resuscitation set; he ran for it and took over from the exhausted nurse the attempt to return me into consciousness. He worked on me for over quarter of an hour until the ambulance arrived and passed me still unconscious to the ambulance staff rescuers.

In the ambulance, I was connected to more professional apparatus meant to support my basic life functions. Unfortunately, my heart would be stimulated only to momentary activeness and it would keep on stopping.

This activity allowed me however to be brought live to the hospital in New Market. There, I was taken immediately to Intensive Care Unit where I was connected to fully professional apparatus.

The family gathered in the waiting room; eager to receive any news of my state. The doctor in-charge was very skeptical. He told them that the situation is really hopeless.

My lungs are filled with water and are not working, the liver and kidneys also ceased in their activeness, breathing is forced by a machine, and the heart still does not want to work on its own.

Only the fact of being connected to this lung-and-heart machinery still kept life in me. The doctor also described my chances for further lathery existence as very slight. He said that even if by some miracle I would live, my brain will be damaged, which was to be the effect of over-extended and interrupted period of initial resuscitation which then resulted in hypoxia before the fully professional medical aid took place. It is more probable however that my death should be expected within a week. My dear ones were stuck in the waiting room that day until late at night and till the moment they left the hospital no improvement in my health had occurred.

The next day in the afternoon, I was brought to the General Hospital in Toronto - where they have the newest equipment and technologies to heal the heart. The idea was to insert a pacemaker but I was too weak for such medical treatment. So, the decision was to attempt to improve my physical condition and then make a try with this pacemaker. The state of my health continued to be critical - my lungs still had water, kidneys and liver did not work, and the heart did not want to take up the regular work of pumping blood. At this time, I continued to be unconscious and what I am describing I know only from what my family members told me.

So, my greatest luck in all this bad luck was the fact that my cousin knew privately the famous energy therapist Mr Wies?aw Jaros?awski. Contact with him took place at the end of the first week after my accident. My cousin called him as he believed strongly in his healing power. It so happened that Mister Wies?aw had already helped his sister in regaining her health, after a serious E-cola bacterial infection (this situation was described on the website - - in the letter numbered 89).

This telephone reached Mister Wies?aw during travel but the therapist immediately made a promise to initiate the healing action and to forward the energy at a distance. He also would make an energy status scan of my body and check the status of my internal organs, especially those that decide on life or death. He is a phenomenally talented extrasense and the distance separating him from the person being treated does not pose a real barrier in his activity.

Let me recall that the first week after my fainting in church was coming to the end. My wife was heart-broken; the doctors did not give me much hope for staying alive. Mister Jaros?aw maintained contact with my dearest ones and informed about sending energy and also about his observations.

The following Sunday, my entire family came to the hospital. As they told me, still there was no contact with me. The doctor on call also stressed them out by informing that there still is no improvement in my health, and even it is slightly worse, so I will probably be detached from the life-support system. It was then that my cousin phoned Mister Wies?aw from the waiting room next to the room I was in. The therapist calmed him down after doing his own checking. He said that the heart is not in such a bad state - that I am only weakened by narcotics and especially the large dose of morphine, which I was given. He said that everything is on the best track to quick improvement.

His words proved to be true in every detail! Starting with Tuesday morning, I began a steady return to consciousness and better functioning. On the evening of that day, I went to the bathroom on my own and also hauled all of this movable monitoring system with me like a dog on a leash. On Wednesday, I could sit freely, talk, greet guests, he happy in contact with my family. I continued to feel better. The entire period when I was artificially resuscitated was for me a black hole. I do not remember anything.

According to information from my family, from the moment that Mister Jaros?awski initiated the energy transmissions to me, something good started to happen - I was enlivened, woke up and my form was improving with lightning speed.

In fact, from day to day, I felt better, my strength was rebuilding, and the functioning of my organs became more efficient. I felt fully capable to leave the hospital.

The doctors, however, decided to supply me with a pacemaker. This happened toward the end of the second week of my hospitalization.

Mister Wies?aw, informed me through my cousin that he will continue to support me energetically until the moment the pacemaker takes over. After that, his energy could clash with the rhythm of my heart being nudged by impulses from the pacemaker and this action would not be beneficial to me.

After this last treatment, I was sent back to the hospital in New Market, where I had only standard tests and after that was sent home. At the final meeting, when I was to leave the hospital, the doctor-in-charge said that he was very positively surprised with my good health; according to his observations people usually need years of treatments to return to noticeable efficiency after such a serious and massive heart attack. Often, there are various complications and I had not experienced any of these bad things. I was left with the pacemaker as a memento after my hospital stay.

So, in closing, I would like to express my internal and deep conviction that this exceptionally quick return to good functioning I owe to the awesome healing energy, which I had been receiving for several days from Mister Wies?aw Jaros?awski. It is difficult to enclose in simple words the gratitude for return to life and to effective life.

Let me just say THANK YOU, with the wish that others who find themselves in a similar situation could also find their way to benefit from your special-energy care.

Andrzej W. (age 55)
Bradford - Ontario, 15 June, 2017.