Ailments: Pain of the spine, knees, feet and also kidney and bladder problems. Hypothyroidism. Disorder of the liver and sinuses. Seizure headaches and dizziness. Intense nervousness.

It started many years ago with a growing spinal pain - it's a really old ailment. Next came pain from a kidney and later knees and feet and even the bladder. A doctor's diagnosis pointed out an infection of the kidneys and bladder. In fact, I can say that these are my cyclical problems. Lately the hypothyroidism also set in.

It was painful - it would probably be easier to say what didn't ache. I took loads of strong medicaments and on top of it all my liver failed.

I found myself cornered - no pharmaceuticals were of any help. Even a special drug delivered from Poland, which till now could be depended on - this time did not bring the expected relief. I had the impression that this is the end - I thought I would die and in spirit I started to prepare for this final departure.

And this was the moment when I decided to meet with the biotherapist Wieslaw Jaroslawski. I had previously for months read various articles published in the press about him and about the healings he had caused - so I clung to this hope.

During this first meeting Mr. Wieslaw surprised me completely because he enumerated, without any preliminary information, all my ailments already medically documented. The beginning was quite good. I also read that some patients were freed right away from various pains - but with me, right after leaving the treatment room, something awful started to happen.

With difficulty I dragged myself to the streetcar and to where I lived. It was a matter of about fifteen minutes, when widespread pain hit me. Literally everything started to hurt with totally new intensity. I had the impression that even those parts of my body that previously had functioned rather well now were on a strike and sunk into pain. Well now - I thought then, with this energotherapy I really gave myself the final blow.

At home I fell into a strange lethargy. I spent most of the time lying down and trying to sleep. I would get up for a moment and then fall down again. At night I kept looking at the watch counting minutes to the arrival of the next day and I was immersed in this pain that bit all over.

I felt thirsty continuously and drank huge amounts of water. If I managed to eat a bit it was at the most one dry piece of bread a day, forced down "by reason" rather than a sense of hunger. I had an aversion to all other foods. I couldn't swallow coffee - even though previously I had downed a minimum of three glasses a day and these were real strong from the coffee machine. It had been for me a precondition to functioning - without coffee I would literally fall over, blood pressure would plummet to 100/60 and I felt like an old shoe.

In the fourth and fifth day of this ordeal the pain began to cease - it was passing away and I would fall into periods of real deep sleep, without nightmares and pain.

I still was plagued by huge thirst and I continued to drink and drink clear water, and then finally I began to eat, starting with boiled vegetables put through the mixer. I still could not take in other foods and the aversion to coffee continued.

It was not until the seventh day after the visit with Mr. Wieslaw that I ate a normal dinner and functioning quite efficiently, finally without pain, I went to work. I underline here that through this period I did not take any medicaments. I started to function well without them and also without additional stimulants. By the way, my hair stopped falling out.

After the second visit (this was about a week after the first one) the pain came back but in a much smaller version. I was horribly weak for two days. The pain reappeared in my knees, feet - my old arthritic places. I endured those two days - still without any medicaments.

And from that moment some change occured. The arthritic problems disappeared (without drugs and ointments), but attacks of headaches appeared. These came and went, always in the afternoon hours and were very strong. After two days of such attacks, suddenly my sinuses opened up. I did not have a cold, did not cough, but a lot of yellow mucus started flowing out. As if another stage of cleansing and repair began, during which from somewhere deep old deposits were coming out. I felt improvement with every hour. I also had a painful left ear that was blocked, and here suddenly it unblocked and pain disappeared. And a lot of yellow sediment also came out of the ear.

Practically the whole time I was cleaning my nose and it kept on dripping, but with each moment I was regaining the will to live. Now I have as much energy as long ago, I move efficiently, do not walk slumping "broken by pain" but I'm straight as an arrow. I am energetic, running really. Activities that would take an hour now are done in half the time. The pain tortures which I had to bear for twenty years are gone completely.

I can also say that my appetite is completely under control. I started to eat only what I should - I don't touch sweets or coffee and I do not stuff myself without sense. That's how it was in the past, when my weight went up and down. I am finely free from this bad, disturbed period. Everything became normal - from systematic nutrition, not overflowing with ,,junk food" - to energetic everyday activity.

After the third visit (another week passed) my sinuses were still clearing for four more days. The unstuck ear was not painful anymore. I had suffered so many different pains for years. In those places that had suffered the longest some pains still reappear for a moment, but these are only fleeting sensations - it might be in the elbow, or in a knee, or a pinch by the kidney. These sensations are really just reminiscences of the many years of suffering and all this is still coming to order thanks to the energy given me by Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski - that is how I understand it and this is how it's happening.

After the fourth visit (again another week passed) I had blood tests for efficiency of the thyroid and here a huge improvement showed up. Previously, with the norm to 1.5, I had 6 units - now it fell to 2.7.

Headaches and dizziness, which plagued me for years and caused short term loss of consciousness, now disappeared for good.

The kidneys are also clearing and I urinate very regularly now. Previously, I had to get up three of four times each night to urinate. Now, I sleep peacefully - so again something good for me happened.

I also lost all nervousness - I am now amazingly peaceful. No one and nothing is able to get me to lose control. Previously, I was a ball of nerves, and now its ease and calm. It is simply hard to believe that it's really me; I look from a distance at the hurrying and upset people and I think to myself - take it easy.

I find explanations for many difficult matters that used to stress me; I read a lot and listen to music. Every day, calmly and with good cheer I fight with my loneliness and I support contacts with people, and from girlfriends I often hear: "how well you look now". And how very important it is that I don't have to take any tablets, and still I am full of energy and will to live. It is well and I am counting that soon it will be perfect.

And for such quick healing, for the gift of daily life without pain, the feeling of huge relief and joy - I AM THANKFUL and I write this with the largest letters that can be imagined.

Anna K. (65 years of age)
Toronto, 30 October, 2012