Ailments:Ailments: Arthritis throughout the body, especially in the knees and wrists (Fibromialgia); damage between 5. and 6. vertebrae due to an accident, 4.5 cm outgrowth on the right ovary duct.

I started to visit the Wieslaw Jaroslawski clinic in London about 18 months ago and I had been going there once a month (except 2 winter months and holidays). He had found serious health problems in my body so I had additional visit in Mississauga, once a month.


As a result of the therapy, I experienced clear decrease of pain and greater mobility.


At the beginning, I worried about the impossibility to move because arthritis had attacked my whole body, especially in the knees and wrists. I had taken injections with cortisone in both knees, which was effective in the left knee but did not work in the right one. Just about the time when I thought that I will need another injection in that knee, I started going to the biotherapy clinic. After several treatments, good mobility in both of my knee joints returned.


And to think that already two years ago I received the proposal of replacement of the knee joints in both legs. I had refused and today I can dance – and all this is the benefit of the energy treatments.


At least 2 years have passed since I could walk up the stairs and down as well. Now, I again can walk the stairs and go through an entire floor without pain, and walking down the stairs does not cause any problems, even when I am walking with my heavy and lively dog.


When it comes to wrists, I sometimes had not been able to use my thumbs and this caused me to be clumsy and I could not perform simple household activities. After having put aside my crocheting project for over a year, I can finally finish the coverlet; I had not expected to ever be able to complete it. The thumbs are working well; they are not hampered by pain and stiffness.


In 1984, I had an accident at work and this involved some damage between 5. and 6. vertebrae and also breaking of the quadriceps (muscle), which brought on chronic pain. From that moment, I could not raise or lower my left arm without a painful attack. Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski started to take care of my injured shoulder and now I can raise and lower my arm without pain.


The therapist also said that I have some energy blockades on the right side of my abdomen. An ultrasound image showed a 4.5 cm growth there, on the right ovary duct.


An MRI for diagnostic purposes was also recommended but I am not in a hurry to do that because that is another irradiation of my tissue. I also have something in the kidneys, which did not really come out clearly in the ultrasound.

Time goes by and I do not feel any discomfort in those places. I fall asleep and wake up with hope that after the energy treatments this growth will disappear and my kidneys will be clean.


I had bottles full of pain relievers. I have stopped that completely – well, I might swallow one “Ibuprofen” in a month, mostly for relaxation purposes. I only take vitamins and calcium – helpful in fighting osteoporosis.


In general, I feel much healthier and the level of my pain has decreased significantly. I recommend to everyone the therapy conducted by Wieslaw Jaroslawski. Mine has been taking place during two years and I am like newborn.


    Carol G.

    London (Ontario - October 11, 2014