Ailments: Breast tumor, long-lasting pain after biopsy, varicose veins on both legs resulting in periodic inability to walk over a period of 5 years.

....September 2005 is a month deeply imprinted in my memory because it was then that I found out about a tumor in my left breast, and a huge one at that, as it's size was described as half of a banana, so the only solution was an operation. I was stunned and my thoughts went wild.

To my good fortune, I found out that a biotherapist, Mr. Jaroslawski, is to come to Windsor in a week. Without another thought I decided to go in for a visit, and in this I received assistance from our dear Ursuline Sisters, since I did not have an earlier appointment. Their assistance resulted in my visiting Mr. Wieslaw late in the evening.

I believed and felt that events took such a course as to lead me to this therapist. And in fact, right after the first visit I felt a huge improvement, both physical and psychological.

Between September and October my family doctor called me to say that a doctor was assigned to my case who will be able to operate me but first the mammogram and ultrasound tests on the breast must be repeated. Everything was done so quickly that I just thought that the scalpel could not be avoided.

A week later, already after the repeated tests, I went to see the surgeon. He had with him the first and the second test results (done after my visit with Mr. Wieslaw) and at first he started to explain to me that it will be necessary to do a biopsy, because he has to be certain if this is a malignant tumor or not. And then he stopped and expressed amazement that the second test differs significantly from the first one because this tumor broke up into a lot of small lumps which should not pose any danger to me. Still, he did direct me to the hospital to have the biopsy done.

However, before the hospital visit, I had a second therapy session with Mr. Jaroslawski. After this meeting I felt a lot more secure, nothing hurt me and I felt as if I had lost some heavy burden.

Ah, yes, my other problem were varicose veins on both legs, for which I was operated without significant results, and later there were five attempts to get rid of them with injections. My condition kept getting worse, my legs hurt and there were periods when I could not walk. This torture disappeared completely and I felt normal. Girls at work are surprised that I stopped complaining about the pain in my legs.

I remember well the date of 13 December 2005, because on my way to the hospital I kept thinking how to get out of this. I couldn't come up with an excuse and so I went for the preliminary tests. These lasted for over two hours and got me exhausted. The nurse kept repeating the mammogram for almost an hour. Surprised, she kept comparing the films with these very different results and carefully checked the area of the breast attacked by the tumor. Finally, she informed the doctor that she cannot find anything wrong with me. A specialist whom she called in also did not find any dangerous changes.

Tired but quite happy, I ran out from the hospital because I avoided breast amputation. Thanks to Mr. Wieslaw and his healing power I had a very Merry Christmas.

This good mood accompanied me until 10 January, because then a call came from the hospital that they had again looked at all my films and found a coagulation under my armpit. So, they want me to come in for a biopsy. I felt quite well, I did not find anything wrong, however they insisted and I finally gave in. That was a very painful stabbing, after which I felt a very deep pain in the entire left breast for a whole month.

After this very painful period, I again went to see Mr. Jaroslawski. Relief was immediate, and the second day after the visit the pain was totally gone.

Another call came from the hospital, that they made an appointment for me in May to repeat the tests.

I have been working for 14 years in a large dry cleaner's outlet. In our group I am the third woman diagnosed with breast cancer. Those two girls had surgeries. It is over a year now. I am in contact with them; they still lack energy enough to come back to work. Perhaps, they are weary of the environment in which they had been. It is not pleasant to work in chemical stench, but I am past 50 and my English isn't too good. Who would employee such an immigrant? I do talk to people, though, even in my limited language, and knowing their pains I tell them as well as I can about Mr. Jaroslawski. Already, several persons decided to visit him and all are very happy that they did.

My gratitude is huge and sincere. Thanks to him I avoided the horrible disfiguration and my legs, for 5 years filled with pain, now are normal.