Ailments: Polyps and infections in the area of head sinuses suffered by a 7-years old boy.

(Andrew was born in Canada - letter is written by mother Mihaela)

When my son was two years old, he already suffered strong infections and had growing polyps in the area of head sinuses. He also had enlarged tonsils; they were clearly swollen - he breathed heavily, mainly through the mouth and even snored at night.

Doctors in Canada delayed decisions. The boy's tonsils continued to increase in size and in this situation we decided to travel to Romania, our homeland, to have him diagnosed in the hospital in Bucharest. In effect, he had an operation there to remove the growing polyps from the sinuses.

After that, it was rather okay, however the boy kept his mouth open all the time. Unfortunately, snoring came back with time and it recurred every night for 7 years. There was a moment when we received information from friends about an exceptionally effective Polish biotherapist, Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski. I did not delay with the decision and brought the child to see him. In total, we had three visits, one each month.

I was hugely surprised in a positive way; already after the first energy therapy session my son stopped snoring and his breathing returned to normal. The next two visits were really just-in-case because it was hard for me to believe in such a swift therapeutic success, and I wanted to be certain that the achieved effect would be permanent. Still, the problems with the snoring nagging the boy and us and with the heavy breathing disappeared for good.

I am hugely happy. I thank Mister Wieslaw for such excellent and exceptionally quick help and I wish him to be able for a long time to heal our dear ones from various afflictions.

Most grateful,
Mihaela A.
Montreal, 02.04.2014