Ailments: Deep neurosis, problems with breathing, ovarian cysts.

...All the evil began from stress and deepening neurosis - I can say that it was very advanced. It gathered for many years and at the beginning of this year it was very, very bad.

I wondered through various medical centers, visited doctors of various specializations, several expensive tests were done, such as MRI of the brain, ultrasound of the abdomen, multitude of blood tests. The MRI of the head was okay, and in effect after months of figuring out what is wrong with me I was prescribed huge doses of antidepressants, but after checking what the side effects could be I decided not to take them at all.

My neurosis grew, some of this was due to the ultrasound tests on my abdomen which showed that cysts appeared on my ovary, one was about 3,5 cm and the other about 3 cm. In this state I ended up, in February of last year, in the office of Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski. In all I had fifteen visits.

After some time, it was May, an ultrasound test showed that one of the cysts disappeared. Another such test done at the end of September confirmed that the second one also stopped to exist.

In my neurosis there also was clear improvement, I am relaxed, smiling, I breath easily and not like before when I used to have difficulty with catching some air through a throat tight with fear. Thanks to your treatment health returned to me.

Thank you sincerely
Grazyna S.
Kitchener, 11.10.2008