Ailments: Cyst near the gall bladder.

(Letter written by mother Patricia)

When I was pregnant with my daughter Maja, during this pregnancy two ultrasound viewings of the fetus were done - the first during the third month and the second during the sixth month. Both showed that near the gall bladder of this tiny being appeared a cyst initially 5 millimeters in size but unfortunately showing tendency toward growth.

This was confirmed by successive ultrasound tests done at the "Trilium" Hospital in Mississagua - the third check, a few hours after Maja was born and the fourth, when she had two months. The cyst had achieved already the size of 15 millimeters (1.5 centimeters).

The pediatrician was not certain what it really is. He only said that it was not cancer but the danger of transformation into the bad direction did exist, so he forwarded Maja to a specialist in this type of ailments at the ,,Sick Children Hospital" in Toronto. The date for this appointment was 28.10.2011.

It was my luck that somewhat earlier from a friend, like from a good fairy, I had received information and contact to the bioenergy therapist Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski. I came to him with Maja at the beginning of October 2011 and there were several visits - and this was the only (energy) treatment before the consultation.

It started with the fifth already in the life of my little girl ultrasound session and it was different from the previous tests. The previous ones were short and after about five minutes the existence of this growing cyst in the abdomen of little Maja was confirmed. This time the technician worked with Maja over half an hour and then she called in a specialist who also spent with Maja another half an hour - finally he said that she does not see anything wrong here, no cyst or deformation. On this occasion he also checked my baby's kidneys, which fortunately are working properly.

His statements, in written form, reached the pediatrician caring for my daughter, who really was not able to comment on them logically. He floundered clearly and finally said that maybe the previous ultrasounds were not read properly, which sounds like black humor - because these were done in a hospital with a good opinion and all four that followed confirmed existence in the same place of a constantly growing cyst.

The end result, only thanks to the energy therapy conducted by Mister Wieslaw, is fortunate and Maja is healthy as a little fish and hopefully this will continue for all her days.

And I on my part besides a tear of happiness enclose sincere THANK YOU!

Patricia A. (mother of currently 4 months old Maja)
Milton, Ontario, 11.11.2011