Ailments: Aneurysm on the ascending aorta.

The history of my illness started in 2010. It came suddenly. My blood pressure started to increase from day to day. Suddenly I was in a state of general discomfort. My breath was becoming shorter and I kept feeling a lack of air. I would get tired very quickly. I was getting weaker and soon could not work. I was also pinned down with a growing fear and uncertainty about my future.

At the hospital all sorts of tests were made and it turned out that I had an aneurysm on the ascending aorta and this qualified me for surgery. The surgeon was to remove it. Unfortunately, even though the ailment was threatening my life, the date set for the operation was quite distant. In keeping with realities in Poland the date was not until January of 2012.

I wrote unfortunately when mentioning the distant date for the operation - although, as it turned out time was on my side. I had shared the story of my problems with an acquaintance that lives in Canada - and he told me that he knows a person there who will certainly help me. This someone was the famous bioenergy therapist Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski. From the perspective of the next several months I can add that in my view he is a phenomenon for whom, during the emission of the healing energy, distance is not a barrier.

The first time Mr. Jaroslawski contacted me in July 2011. At that time I did not know anything about passing on energy at a distance; we never met - I was a stranger to him. The state of my health did not however give me an alternative and despite the initial skepticism I agreed to the transfer of energy from the other side of the ocean. This began a series of our regular telephone contacts" and with each telephone call from him my faith grew; with time grew my conviction that I can avoid the surgery.

During talks with the biotherapist I felt very clearly the power of the healing energy he was giving. It was such a feeling as if his"currents" were piercing my whole body - a soothing energy and warmth reached into all its nooks.

I also had trusted witnesses of the therapy because during these sessions I was carefully observed by my wife and daughter - anyway, both were unbelievers. However, right before their eyes and with their growing awe, from session to session, came the ever more clear improvement of my health.

After each talk and therapy with Mr. Wieslaw I felt better. I could even do some heavier work and to relax I went for long walks. My breathing was becoming stable, distinctly deeper and no signs of tiredness were getting to me.

I had to wait for the final tests until the day of the operation (as I mentioned it was set for January 2012) - stubbornly believing that it will not be necessary.

Nonetheless, matters went on the conventional track - in the morning I was accepted into the hospital, dressed in hospital clothes and a series of tests began. I waited anxiously for their results and it wasn't until late in the evening that my dreams came true. I was informed that the aneurysm decreased to such dimensions that surgery was not necessary anymore.

I was happy to call my unbelievers that they can come and take me from the hospital. I will always remember their surprise and joy. Right after we returned home - both, my wife and daughter, right after taking off the shoes, still in their jackets, ran to the computer and opened the website with information about Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski and started to catch up on the topic of this phenomenon.

A year has already passed from the described events. My life has changed diametrically. I am peaceful and relaxed, I have distanced myself from many events that used to stress me, I have regained peace of mind. I have slowed down and don't work so hard anymore, changed my diet and finally take care of my health. I may also add that I have regained faith in a happy and healthy future thanks to the wonderful energetic and personal support that I received from Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski.

It is difficult to choose the words of gratitude for such wonderful help and healing.

I will then limit myself to words coming from the heart - THANK YOU !
Ryszard Ch. (age 53)
Poland - 28.02.2013