Ailments: Major stroke on the left side of the brain and the blood clots.

It was a morning that I will never forget May 31st, 2017, my mom came into my room asking me to call Wieslaw(Wieslaw has been like family to us for over 13 years. We always call him if we need any medical help, including myself and my children). She is 67 years old and very active with no medical history. After leaving my room she went downstairs and sat in a chair. She was having difficulty breathing and was not responding to my questions (slipping out of consciousness).

I called 911 from my house line and Wieslaw from my cell. She was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and when I got there she had a CT scan done and it was confirmed that shehad suffered a major stroke and the blood clotwas lodged in her brain. She needed the clot to be removed ASAP, but the doctor that does the procedure at this hospital wasn'ton call.Since we live in the border city to Detroit, US my mom was moved by ambulance to Henry Ford Hospital and there she was under the care of many amazing Physicians.

While all of this was going on I was constantly on the phone with Wieslaw, keeping him updated while he worked on my mom from the distance. I truly believe he is the reason my mom is doing so amazing today.

She had many doctors in the US and they all stated the same thing "She is a medical miracle! They couldn't explain her amazing fast recovery medically. She had suffered a major stroke on the left side of her brain, which was caused by a blood clot that had traveled up from her leg into her brain. Medically, she doesn't fit her recovery. The only thing that is left to recover is her speech which comes more and more every day, other than that she is doing amazing. All her functions are back to how she was before the stroke.

On June 21st we had a follow up appointment with her neurologist (who was the one that saw her initially in the emergency room on May 31st)), he ordered a CT scan (when she arrived back in Canada on June 12t)h, that was done on June 14th 2017) . When he saw the CT scan he was shocked. His exact words to me were: "If I didn't witness what had happened to your mother, I wouldn't believe that her CT scan showed no sign of a stroke." He said to me:"she is medical miracle". I will be forever grateful to Wieslaw for helping my mama. The medical miracle that the doctors called my mama's recovery is because of Wieslaw!

Klaudia S. (Daughter of Maria T.)
Windsor-Ontario, June 26, 2017.