Ailments: Attacks of sharp currents of piercing pain from the neck through the entire arm to fingers that huge amounts of painkillers could not stop.

....I suddenly began to feel sharp currents piercing my shoulder that came from the neck and went through the entire arm to my fingers. The most illustrative comparison of this torture could be to electric shocks. The frequency of these attacks grew at an alarming pace. There were more of them each day and the pain was sharper. It burned so that I was squirming. There were time when I would be pierced with painful series, second after second.

As soon as this started, I went to the family doctor and she directed me to a specialist. I was given a Cat-scan and MRI, after these the deduction was: rheumatoid changes in the neck, which cause this horrible pain in the entire shoulder. Surgery was suggested but without a guarantee of any success. Already knowing examples of several interventions with the scalpel, which did not give effects in similar problems involving nerves and pain, I did not agree to the surgery.

The only thing that I got from the doctors were the painkillers, which doped me somewhat, and only for short periods, but soon my stomach and liver began to revolt. The situation was becoming dramatic because I could not exist normally.

It was then that from a paper, and later from acquaintances, I found out about Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski and his unusual therapeutic achievements. I immediately decided to seek his help. And this was the type of therapy I was seeking!

In all I had four visits. The energy flow that was caused by Mr. Jaroslawski could be distinctly felt, and this not only as a warmth, but also a distinct prickling sensation. It was like "hoards of ants" tramping all over my skin, taking away pain and bringing relief.

After first two therapies, the number of pain attacks decreased. There were not only fewer of them but also less painful. There were not several in a minute but only several in an hour. After the next two therapy sessions all the sensations stopped, as if "removed by a hand" and this is a permanent effect!

A while after these visits I again had MRI done, which were prescribed by another specialist. These results were a lot better than the previous ones. The medical professional even said that he does not see anything wrong in my left arm that might cause any pain reaction.

The problem, thanks to the healing energy send by Mr. Jaroslawski, was removed quickly... I believe and feel that it is forever.

I am boundlessly grateful to Mr. Wieslaw,
Krzysztof S.
Belleriver, 16.02.2008