Ailments: Pain of the spine, severe pain in thighs and numbness of arms and legs over a period of 2-3 years; morphine tablets taken to kill pain (as many as 6-7 a day).

...My problem became know about 7-8 years ago. It began with pain in the spine. During the day it was bearable, but at night the pain traveled through the whole spine and I could not sleep.

I began tests - X-rays of the spine, kidneys, lungs - of everything that could be X-rayed. The test results did not point to anything. Based on the tests I was healthy, but the pain continued.

I received only tablets for relaxation, because the family doctor thought the problem involved tense muscles, but there was no improvement in my condition.

Gradually, pain in the legs developed, mainly a sharp pain in the thighs and numbness of the appendages. This was killing me for 2-3 years. It could be compared to a type of painful constrictions, the pain grew and radiated in the form of ghastly piercing from the thighs, through the fundament, all the way to the kidneys. It was unbearable and I could not go to work more and more frequently. I was becoming an invalid even though I was only 33 years old.

It all started again with the series of X-rays, but no decision on anything and the only medicine - pain depressants. The family doctor gave up as he could not give a diagnosis.

Because the pain was unbearable, I was offered morphine. I took lots of it from morning till night. Just so to survive another day, get to work and make money for living expenses.

For half a year I took morphine tablets, as many as 6-7 a day! Despite of this, ever more frequent were the times when I got home but could not get out of the car to crawl into bed or rather the armchair where, with pillows all around me I would spend the night. The pain was overpowering and tears filled my eyes frequently.

I took larger doses of morphine. Awakening in the morning, or rather pulling myself out of the pain filled lethargy, would start with the clock set for 30 minutes in advance. Then I took a fresh pill of morphine and after 30 minutes I could slowly crawl to the bathroom and start another day full of torture. The more frequent and longer absences from work were ruining the family budget.

Then in "Goniec", I read an article about Mr. Wieslaw and decided to go and see him. It was September of 2005.

The first visit was Thursday evening; this I will remember to the end of my life! I do not remember that well the sensations during that therapy, but the effect was that the next morning I got up like reborn and marched off to work. The first time since six months without a tablet of morphine!!! I still felt a slight pain but it was not overpowering. It was also like this through Friday. The next day, Saturday, I repeated the therapy session with Mr. Wieslaw. After that meeting the pain went away completely and I could run and leap on the way home!!!!

After so many years of suffering I can sleep in a normal position, and as time went on could say with all certainty that I became a picture of health, because a year has passed since I entered Mr. Wieslaw's office and still nothing is bothering me. Now, just in case, I still visit him every few months to keep on feeling great.

May the joy of my family and mine be, for you Sir, a form of gratitude for such awesome healing.
Thank you with all my heart,

Jacek M.
Brampton, 07.10.2006