Ailments: Hypo-dysplastic kidneys, nephroblastoma (kidney tumor)
Our dear daughter Zosia is coping with hypo-dysplastic kidneys since birth. This encompasses for her many tests and frequent visits with doctors. In 2017, during nephrology check-up tests, our then four-years-old daughter was diagnosed with a tumor on the right kidney. The medical machine was activated; this was chemotherapy, all sorts of tests, etc. We were terrified because during these treatments some poly-neuropathic dysfunctions appeared, such as drooping eyelid, walking and grasping disturbances. We started to seek assistance, help, and information from many sources. This was how we ended up reading Mister Wieslaw Jaros?awski's website. I began to read the letters and expressions of gratitude from people whom Mister Wies?aw had helped.
There I found a letter from the parents of a little girl [also Zosia] who had the same diagnosis as our daughter, the Wilms tumour or nephroblastoma.
We decided to establish contact despite a large reserve of disbelief in "such a method" of treatment for people. Our daughter went through the operation of removing the tumour together with the kidney. The remaining kidney had several cysts and was not quite able to take over the work of cleaning the body of the toxins; this was evident from the increasingly worsening kidney parameters. The developing polyneuropathy and highly negative kidney parameters led us to contact Mister Wies?aw by phone; during our conversation he presented the energy status of our daughter. He described the case of another Zosia about whom I already knew from his website. The entire conversation made a huge impression on us and it was a great surprise.
Now, Mister Wies?aw began to work with our Zosia. This was remote work. We had our sessions-by-phone once a week. At first, it was hard for us to believe all this - how can the help be directed from afar? (at that time Mister Wies?aw lived in Canada) - but week-to-week we saw improvement. The polyneuropathy was receding, test results were improving; our trust in this healing method kept increasing. After waiting a long time, we were able to meet with this master of bioenergy near Rzeszow. During this session, we were shocked to see how our child started to sweat within several minutes; how Zosia was feeling incoming heat waves. This was absolutely amazing. We then believed without reservations in Mister Wies?aw's gift and we began to believe that our only child will be well.
Zosia went through the chemotherapy quite well. Thanks to the bioenergy sessions it was possible to go through to the end of the treatment without any additional sensations and with good final results, and good physical and mental state of our daughter.
After the completed medical treatment, we are faced with check-up appointments. The doctors are full of admiration for Zosia, her strength, the good test results, and most importantly her only kidney is functioning very well. During one of the check-up visits, a doctor told us that the medical team expected that Zosia would require dialysis during the chemotherapy, but this did not happen.
At the present moment, the kidney took over very well the function of cleaning the body; it is growing, the tumors are not getting bigger - whereas the medical prognosis was that the tumors will grow along with the kidney and the body development, which will then lead to malfunction of the kidney. The kidney parameters are now staying within a stable level, which surprises the doctors a lot and they do not know how to explain this rationally to us.
Continuously since April 2017, we maintain phone contact with Mister Wies?aw. We were also able to meet several times at bioenergy therapy sessions in Krakow.
At present, Zosia is a very lively child, goes to kindergarten, takes piano lessons, plays tennis, and enjoys the swimming pool (even though the doctors had been saying since her birth that she will not be able to go swimming because of the feeble kidney function - so, now they did change their view).
We are grateful to Mister Wies?aw that we can live normally, enjoy being parents, participate in our dearest daughter's growing-up and watch her enjoy life.
All this that Mister Wies?aw has done for us is hard to express and put into words; how does one encompass this huge gratitude in one short letter?
We know that the normal statement of "thank you" does not by far have such huge capacity - but despite this limitation we are saying: thank you very, very much!!!

Andrzej and Joanna - parents of Zosia