Ailments: Extensive heart attack.

(Letter written by Bozena's sister - Maria Sz.)

It is not easy to put into words that storm of feelings that still shakes me. I constantly have before my eyes the suddenly listless face of my sister and hear the doctors' words that later fell at the hospital and did not carry encouragement.

Everything started five weeks ago; it was Friday and I was driving my sister home. The trip went smoothly up to the moment when Bozenka suddenly (it was just a moment) fainted and lost consciousness. I stopped immediately and tried to awaken her, reanimate her, call for help. She was unconscious and the horror continued - the ambulance took her to the hospital in this condition and there it turned out that a massive heart attack caught her.

At first they tried to widen my sister's veins by a special little balloon put inside - but she was too weak and this could not be performed. Her chances for survival were described at 50% and she was put into pharmacological comma and with special compresses she was additionally cooled down to the temperature of 32 degrees.

The next day when I was going to see her at the hospital I had something of a revelation. I chose this word on purpose and I will keep underlining it. I suddenly understood and knew that I must immediately contact Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski - in his power and the capability of energetic impact at a distance was the only chance for quick healing for Bozenka. I simply felt this - I previously knew Mr. Wieslaw and had the chance to come to know from his documentation of the many cases of fascinating healings, which he caused even when a patient was at a distance of thousands of kilometers from him, so I did not hesitate for a moment.

I called Mr. Wieslaw at home and spoke with him directly. There was no trace of hesitation;-he immediately began to transmit energy to my sister. He did this every few hours, through Saturday, Sunday and Monday - I was in frequent telephone contact with him and informed him of every change in my sister's condition and of current diagnoses and medical forecasts. I also often spoke with his partner, Ms. Jola, who kept up my spirits immensely and even when during our conversation Mr. Wieslaw was concentrating on transmitting this miraculous energy, which was to awaken Bozenka to life. This was for me a kind of double therapy, saving my psyche and my sister's life.

On Monday the most important, and perhaps decisive to Bozenka's life, activity was to happen - an attempt to awaken her from the comma. During the preceding 24 hours her body was being warmed up and soon it was to be seen if she opens her eyes again and if her brain will function normally.

It was Monday evening when directly from work a hastened to the hospital. When I entered her room I was horrified to see her empty bed. The darkest thoughts fell on me and I was afraid to even put them into words. Only after some time I looked around the room and saw her sitting by the window contemplating the landscape. I must add that at that moment I had been close to a heart attack myself, but right after that I dashed to hug her.

It turned out that Bozenka had very smoothly, without the least disturbances or sensations, awakened and right away she made full contact. Somewhat later, with the help of my daughter, I studied her healthcare card and we noticed the writing by the doctor in charge about the surprisingly quick, even unexplainable return of her body to efficient functioning.

Despite such a lucky course of the therapy the doctors insisted on doing the bypasses. After a week she was transferred to the common room where she awaited the operation. It was to be a transplant of veins taken from her arm or leg. I am not well versed in the details - I can only state that the operation ran smoothly and the surgeon later told me that he did not have to reach for veins from Bozenka's appendages because he could apply some simpler solution.

Afterwards the convalescence of my sister was quick as lightening. Today, when I am writing this letter, it is three weeks from the operation (five weeks from the heart attack) and we are going for a visit to Mr. Wieslaw. Bozenka is like new - she moves about all by herself, is physically and mentally functional and she is very happy with this first serious trip from the moment of that horrible attack.

The entire post-surgery convalescence is like out of the handbook. Very quick (I am underlining the doctors' astonishment), without infection - it is ready to be presented to medical students.

We know, with absolute certainty, how substantial a role was played by the energy support from Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski and that is why I would like to express clearly with my sister our gratitude and from the heart (saved by Mr. Wieslaw, so I can use this term) thank for the demonstrated goodwill and immediate undertaking of the beneficial energy treatment - or simply for saving Bozenka's life.

Maria Sz. (writing this letter with the full support of sister Bozenka K.)
Kitchener, Ontario, 11.03.2012