Ailments: High blood pressure, stomach pains, loss of weight, permanent lack of appetite and energy.

Dear Mister Jaroslawski !

In short I want to present my health situation prior to meeting with you, which took place in March of 2009. From 2006 I was faced with the following symptoms:

1. High blood pressure (220/110)

2. Stomach pains

3. Aches all over

4. Very frequent bowel movements (3-6 times a day)

5. Loss of weight

6. Constant lack of appetite and energy

Medications applied by doctors did not bring any effects - on the contrary, these deepened the earlier symptoms.

Such was my state of health and my wellbeing was hopeless and I have to admit that psychologically I was a wreck. It was then, like a star from the sky, the information came to me about arrival from Toronto of the famous bioenergy therapist Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski. Let me repeat, this was in March of 2009, because this is an important date, which brought real and positive changes in my health situation.

Four times I took advantage of the energy procedure. During these sessions I found out that serious energy blocks include the area of my kidneys and liver, and results of the therapy exceeded my expectations. I felt much better; I was as if reborn.

In order to include the whole situation, I should add that in July 2009 I again took part in four meetings with you. As a result of all these bioenergy therapy procedures my health improved. Today I can certainly say that the aches I suffered for years stopped to exist.

And so:

- Blood pressure returned to normal

- number of bowel movements reduced to one daily (sometimes two)

- stomach pains almost disappeared and other once frequent aches

- my appetite returned and my weight stabilized at normal level

- I regained energy and the will to live

What also is very important - I finally began to sleep and my horrible nights are now filled with peaceful and joyous dreams. This means that my psyche is reborn and stronger and I can again enjoy the everyday small moments of joy that build each day my good humor.

During the last visit you also had assured me that the functions of the kidneys and liver returned to normal - which I can feel myself as well.

Thanks to you I can enjoy as before the fullness of psychic and physical efficiency, for which I am grateful most sincerely, even these are modest words and do not reflect fully what I would like to express.

Anna K.
July 25,2009