Ailments: Arrhythmic heart beat.

I began to feel the arrhythmic heart beat about five years ago. Along with this irregular beat my blood pressure kept rising.

At that time I drank a lot of coffee and ever stronger until one day when I was coming back from shopping I felt a swift beat, even sudden jumps of my heart. Instead of home I ended up in the hospital at Intensive Therapy. My pulse then was over 150 per minute and the blood pressure exceeded 180/100. I was given a hospital bed right away and medicine to lower the blood pressure. Ever since that moment such pills became my everyday reality. Those were various drugs, in various doses but they did not cause the best effects.

In truth I had a fluctuating blood pressure - sometimes better and sometimes worse, but with time only the worse remained; the blood pressure kept rising. During the last year (I was taking only one pill in the morning and two in the evening, but these helped only for several hours) my measurements remained at the level of 220/108 - I can say that when the measurement showed 190/100 it was a rather good result for me.

I would get up in the morning (of course after taking pills) and already felt dizzy, so I measured my blood pressure and it would show for example 198/105, or saying it jokingly still quite good for my capabilities. But jokes aside, I was in fact constantly living at the edge of a heart attack or a stroke.

It was then that I read in a newspaper an article about Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski and the healings caused by him. I made an appointment right away and...already after the first energy session it was better. The blood pressure and mood improved decidedly. I did not want to take risks anymore so I had five visits that were fascinating meetings with bioenergy. During these sessions I found out that serious energy blockings include my kidneys and liver. The therapy results exceeded my expectations.

At present I do not take any pills, and my blood pressure completely returned to normal. I measure it regularly morning and night - the morning measurements show 117-120/77-78, and the evening ones stay within 120-130/79-80; this means they are like thaose for a completely healthy person and that is exactly how I feel.

I have an impression that I am at least 10 years younger now. Previously I walked, or rather dragged on with a clear pressure in the lower part of my back and I got tired quickly. And now, by comparison, two days after the first visit with you, Sir, I went shopping and almost flew, nothing hurt and my steps were springy - it was a pleasure to walk and not torment as previously.

I hope this state continues! Thank you because I believe and know that regaining health and wonderful frame of mind came about thanks to your healing energy.

Bogumila P.
Toronto, 2009.10.27