Ailments: Damaged disk, immobilizing pain, morphine injects for pain, sleepless nights often spent in armchair.

...Due to heavy work I have a damaged disk. It was enough for me to turn suddenly and pain would shoot straight through me. Often, for weeks I could not go to the factory because of this.

The doctor saw only one solution - surgery, but I could not agree to this. Sometime it was so bad that my wife had to drive me to the clinic where after morphine shots the pain slowly diminished, until next time.

I went to see Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski in November of 2005. I remember that it was a Saturday. After therapy, he had asked me to come again the next day ---and that was all. The pain never came back, I am walking and working. In the mornings I get up like before, I do not need 15 minutes to get myself to start functioning. I feel great.
Thank you with all my heart.

Ryszard R.
Windsor, 24 Sep. 2006