Ailments: Skin rash, hot flashes, shoulder pains, cyst on a kidney, uterus fibroids.

This description contains carefully gathered and registered facts from the course of the energy therapy, which I went through during the last six months under the care of Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski.

My health problems began to grow about the beginning of September 2009; a rash had developed on my skin. It was worst on my hands and legs. Reddish-gray blotches formed and with time I had on me more and more reddish-pink pimples.

This rash was itchy and was stubbornly on me. I used herbal preparations but for weeks there was no change. It might happen that these red blotches would become a little lighter, however already the next day they would appear in another place. So my whole arms were covered all the way to my shoulders. The same thing happened on my legs, with the most on the shins.

And I also suffered from hot flashes. I am 56 years old and these attacks got me down for over two years, regularly every half an hour. Maybe this will sound silly, but I dreamed of getting into a refrigerator to cool down, and as a substitute continuously used electric fans. This set of ailments influenced me to make the decision to make an appointment to see Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski.

And what is intriguing, already after the first meeting my hot flashes practically disappeared. The horrible cycle that gave dozens of attacks every half an hour during my everyday activities changed into maybe three light ones during the entire twenty-four hours. I am so happy with the disappearance of the hot flashes because I was sure that I would have to suffer with them to the end of my life. For a short time they would appear sporadically and mildly until after the next few sessions they disappeared for good.

On the other hand, the awful blotches appeared still after the second energy procedure. Then Mister Wieslaw, unsatisfied from to-date effects promised that after this one, the third session, the rash should begin to recede.

And this is just what happened. The following sessions put everything in order. My skin continued to clean itself. The blotches were becoming lighter and fewer until finally they left me entirely.

Several weeks have passed and my skin is without traces of those changes and the hot flashes are history.

I must mention that already at the beginning Mister Jaroslawski had said that the ugly blotches are caused by inefficient liver. In fact, tests in 2008 showed that I have some blotches on it and some small flaws. But the present ultrasound test done in January of 2010, after the skin rash disappeared, showed that all changes in the liver tissue had disappeared.

There also were other health issues, maybe less important but still the therapist , during the first meeting, drew attention to my shoulders asking if I do not feel pain in them, and I was then wondering if I did not pull a muscle there, because they were aching. This discomfort disappeared entirely after the second session.

I am mentioning this to show the precision and even detailing during the analysis of the energy state of my health, from which Mister Wieslaw started the therapy. Another internal problem was the existence on my right kidney of a cyst (this was confirmed by the X-ray of 2008). This problem Mister Jaroslawski's energy also overcame. A test this year assured mi that the kidneys are okay. The tumor became so small that it is not considered by doctors to be a worrying symptom.

And for the end I left another essential ailment. I had an operation 18 years ago on uterus fibroids. At that time I learned that the uterus was enlarged as during a four and a half month pregnancy. I had seven fibroids in diameters from a walnut to an orange.

The surgeon then informed me that these fibroids will grow again because I have a genetic tendency for their formation. It did happen after eight years. My doctor at that time insisted that I was five months pregnant and did not believe that there was a fibroid problem. Finally an ultrasound confirmed my version. In this situation the doctor recommended an operation for the total removal of the genitals (Masterectomy). This I wanted to avoid at all costs. I tried different methods of self-healing and I was able to achieve a decrease of the stomach but the problem still remained.

Ultrasound tests in 2008 showed that the uterus still is thickened and has small fibroids. Then I could still feel them through the skin of my stomach.

It was Mister Jaroslawski who finally dealt with this problem completely. I observed the effectiveness of his actions within two months of rather regular sessions. During this time when I checked myself manually I could not feel any changes around my stomach. I was happy but still with slight disbelief I went for an ultrasound test, which entirely confirmed my hopes. The uterus was flattened by half; in fact it returned to the proper dimension, and of the fibroids only one tiny one was left, located in the back. This was huge progress!

My stomach is flat. I can easily perform exercises to maintain good condition. I feel great and I have a lot more energy.

In summary, thanks to the bioenergy therapy sessions with Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski I regained full strength and health.

Thousand times thank you
Grazyna A.
Toronto, Ontario 09.02.2010