Ailments: Paralyzing back pains after bicycle crash (20 years ago), beginnings of paralysis of both legs, depression.

...As a teenager during a crazy bicycle ride I had crashed. Then I was thirteen and totally lacked a survival instinct. On a narrow bridge I crashed head-on with a school friend who also was speeding on a bicycle from the opposite direction. I awoke in the hospital and found out that I had a crushed jaw, broken teeth and I was horribly bruised in general. Then there was surgical patchworking.

. My jaw was reconstructed with metal plates, teeth were mounted on pins and somehow my wounds healed. From that accident many years of torture began, horrible back pain. I went from doctor to specialist. This diagnosing and consulting took some years and I was suffering.

Finally, one of the orthopedic surgeons, after looking at my many X-rays, said that I had some sort of a split in the lower part of my spine. That doctor sent me to a colleague, who was taking care of similar cases, and he proposed surgery. I had just passed twenty but I felt like an old man with a broken back so I agreed.

...During the operation, four rather long pins were put in along with additional joints, which were to stabilize my painful spine and help it heal. I was supposed to walk around with these pins for eighteen months and after their removal be healthy again. Nothing like this happened. The problem remained and even became bigger. From week to week and year to year it was getting worse, my back hurt like hell. I actually stopped being self-sufficient, I felt as if along my spine someone was stabbing with blunt knives. Pain was killing me all the time, I could not easily wash my face, bend down, normal walking was out of the question.

...I could not read in a straight-up position for longer than five minutes and I could last several minutes sitting in front of a TV. I became the father of a charming girl but I could only dream of picking up the baby. And so my suffering went on for years and it grew as time went on. I could not even sneeze because this caused huge pain. Doctors had nothing to offer. Their only recommendation was a strong pain killer "Methadon".

I took it for the last five years, starting with 30 mg dose, and gradually reaching 140 mg! I drank so much each day because otherwise I could not eat or sleep and the persistent pain blocked appetite, took away sleep and still blocked effective movement. On top of that, during the last two years I began to feel something like a paralysis of my legs. It was getting harder to move them, I did more crawling and bumping about than actual walking, and to even make things worse both feet started to ache. My entire life was falling apart. I was in deep depression and did not see any sense in continued existence.

And then my mother read in a newspaper an article about Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski and the healings he had caused. It was so interesting that she immediately made an appointment for me. I remember that this was in August of 2007. I began the long trips to his office in Toronto, but it was worth it! Already after the first therapy session there was improvement, I felt a clear relief, but I really caught on after returning home when I realized that I had driven over 300 km without stopping, which before I could not possibly do.

After that, regularly, with each visit the pain decreased and strength was coming back. I also regained life psychologically, the hope of getting well appeared. After the second visit, for the first time from long time ago I slept miraculously well, turning from side to side and I had beautiful colorful dreams. I am coming to see Mr. Jaroslawski for over a year now. At first it was twice a week, gradually reducing the number of these miraculous energy therapies to visits in two-three week cycles.

In my health came a huge improvement, unbelievable improvement. The pain piercing my back for almost twenty years is gone and legs are fully functional again. I do not take any drugs, my appetite is great, but I am not gaining weight, because the digestion has normalized. My shattered psyche is whole again... I smile at life in the morning and also before going to sleep.

I am healed and I finally feel great and for everything, for your optimism, faith and final success and this extraordinary positive energy which you have given me... I hugely thank you,

Mariusz B.
North Bay, 29.11.2008.