Ailments: Multiple sclerosis invading the body from waist down, sleepless nights because of pain.

...Words will never express the gratitude that I and my family have for you, Sir.

In November of 2006, I barely reached your office with my own strength. All this because of an illness that fate brought me over a dozen years ago. Even though I was never diagnosed as having it, doctors are almost certain that I have Multiple Sclerosis.

This last attack of the illness was for me the most serious and burdensome till now, because it suddenly prevented me from walking. Describing it in detail - it was a feeling of numbness invading my body from the waist down, which made impossible any effective movement on my own and which was accompanied by unceasing, difficult to bear pain. And all this came on with a "gallop" during one night.

On the next, memorable, Saturday (18 November) I came to Your office with hope that you will be able to help me. My goal then was only to feel less pain and maybe stop the attack from further "spreading to the upper part of my body".

On the basis of my previous experiences with MS, I knew that an attack can last a long time (for example, several or over a dozen weeks, as it was in the past) and that return to full health, and in this for the numbness and pain to go away, may not be so soon. However, I found that so very quickly during just a few visits with you I was healthy again!!! Already after the first session on Saturday, it was easier for me to bear the pain, and the feeling of numbness was not moving upwards. Moreover, during the first meeting, a great hope came into me, that You will be able to help me (what I saw and felt during the visit convinced me a lot). The following meetings in your office, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, caused evident receding of the numbness and pain. Gradually, the capacity to feel returned to my legs and the pain was getting weaker (much less intense than before the therapy). The next week, also with three visits, it was only elimination of the numbness, first in the knees and then in toes of both feet and also "prevention" for the future.

This attack of MS, my hardest, most visible and painful until now, was "snuffed out" very quickly thanks to your most valuable help. Since December, I am functioning normally (doctors are hugely surprised!), I work normally, go skating with my son, I dance and enjoy life. You and Your most valuable energy have brought back my health and this so unexpectedly quickly!

Forever grateful,
Izabela K.
Toronto, December 2006