Ailments: Constant migraines, pain in the upper back (multi-level discopathic disorders of the spine), stiffening of the left arm and leg, anxiety-depression neurosis.

My problem, and in fact the entire forfeiture of healthy life, was caused by time and place of my birth. It took place one week before the Warsaw Uprising erupted. Then the first two months of my life were spent in a cellar under an apartment house in Mokotow - totally malnourished, in an atmosphere of bombings and horror, under constant pressure of loss of life, which was faced by my parents.

After the fall of the Uprising, special German battalions searched out residents and after loading us into cattle railway cars the transport was sent off to Oswiecim. Somewhere along the route my parents managed to run away and for a long time we wondered through villages - finally we reached our relatives in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, through which at that time ran the front line.

In this city my first medical exam showed that as a three months old infant I was much neglected - scarcely nourished, dehydrated, in essence a skeleton. Doctors pumped into my veins some nutritious potion and slowly proper vital functions were returned - but this forfeited initial period of my life became the cause of many later ailments. I had even a predisposition to some.

The worst was the feeling of hopelessness. Among others I had then gone through poisoning after months of drinking water from a well that was polluted with dead animals; this damaged my liver. Years of hunger continued and there were years of poverty and Stalin's terror and all this left stamps on my life and health.

I was always pale, thin, and could hardly stand on my feet; always susceptible to all infections. Then also as a child of several years I started to have very strong headaches. This was associated with greater nervousness, which resulted in insomnia. Headaches really constantly accompanied me all my adult life. Through tens of years I took the famous 'pills with a cross' and later went through all available pain killers from Poland and Germany and even those imported from the US. I also took advantage of herbal medicines, such as those from the friars of the Order of the Merciful Brothers (Bonifratrzy), but this was all with meager effect, just some temporary relief.

About 1980 came pains in the upper back and neurological ailments that appeared in the form of the stiffening of the left arm and leg. The torturous pain increased with each month - it was like a knife being pushed between the shoulder blades. I could not walk properly, lie down or sleep and that is when anxieties and the depressive-anxiety neurosis began. I started to get psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation and by the end of 1984 ended up in the Medical Rehabilitation Ward in Krakow where I would spend a couple months each year.

After several years of treatment some improvement came and it lasted until 1997 when in December the back pains returned with double strength and the decreased mobility of the left side plus lack of surface sensitivity on the left foot.

Due to a suspected injury to the spinal cord I was ordained an MRI test (in 1998), which was repeated in 2000. These confirmed the multi-level discopathy in the upper spine with pressure being exerted by internal knobs on the spinal cord - this was the source of the many years of monstrous pain near the spine and the headaches.

In 2005, symptoms of depression surfaced in me to a degree I never experienced before and then I ended up in a hospital for psychiatric treatment. Let me say in short - the hospital stay did not even in the least degree fulfill the hope placed in it.

In 2010, my health got so much worse that at the Psychiatric Out-patient Clinic I was given psychotropic drugs, which were often changed but there was no improvement. Instead one more symptom was added - stomach pains, and insomnia returned, as did back pains and restricted movement of the left hand. I was 66 years old and was as in a trap; I did not see a way out and kept closing myself ever deeper in an anxiety depression.

I still tried to fight this - friends took me to a healing Mass, the leading psychiatrist once more changed my psychotropic drug to a newest generation product, but the real positive change started from the moment I met Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski.

At the beginning it was a telephone contact (I was in Krakow and he was in Toronto) and his energy treatment went on at such a long distance. To my surprise already at the first talk he himself very precisely pointed out all my ailments; I also felt a clear flow of the forwarded energy - he calmed me, took off the pain from my poor head and spine, brought back the capability of sleeping without drugs, and rebuild my psyche and optimism. I started to come out from the cocoon and asylum of my small apartment into the world, which wasn't any more so bad and threatening.

Additionally, to my luck, in this period Mr. Jaroslawski came to Poland, to Wilga near Warsaw, for a few days to participate in higher level trainings in arhatic yoga (a system developed by his Teacher and Master, a legendary Chinese - Choa Kok Sui), which were conducted by Choa's wife - Charlotte Anderson, in.

I could not let such an occasion pass by and went there and it was possible for me to take part in two direct biotherapy sessions with Mr. Wieslaw. My impressions were most positive. In his presence I right away clearly felt better. Whether it is charisma or his ardent energy - this man attracts, creates an atmosphere of security and undoubtedly had a healing effect. It is difficult to put this into words even though I am a linguist with a doctorate from the Jagiellonian University and specialization in the theory of translation from Slavonic languages. I will put this into three words - he assured: harmony, order and security. I must state, with my hand on my heart, that I returned to Krakow in a clearly changed mood and excellent composure.

And this positive trend in my health lasts till today. I have no back pains, the number and frequency of headaches clearly diminished. In comparison with the horrific regularity of migraines flattening me completely, throughout my life really, now this problem became rare and slight. It never was this good.

Energy, initiative and eagerness for life returned to me. I renewed neglected contacts and I appreciate each healthy day, finally. I regained internal peace and have the certainty that the positive breakthrough in my health came from the bioenergy sessions (at a distance and direct) masterfully conducted by Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski. This effect proves real, beneficial and measurable impact of his energy.

Thank you with all my heart,
Bohdan L.
Krakow, 09.03.2012.