Ailments: Serious pulmonary insufficiency, respiratory problems, dry cough, cardiac disorder with irregular rhythm.

I wish to express sincerest gratitude for the ad hoc help I received from you, Sir, at the beginning of April 2014. It is that much more interesting because I, a resident of Hamilton (Ontario), felt this powerful energy and healing impact while you were in Poland.

    At that time I was completely exhausted and without any strength. This was caused by persistent flu and bronchial inflammation. As a result of these obnoxious illnesses I was barely walking, my lungs were failing, I had problems with breathing and insufficient oxygen, dry cough and irregular heart beat. At night I sat in an armchair and could not sleep at all.

    I began to search for some immediate help and then I noticed Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski’s site on the Internet. Convinced by what I read, I called right away to his office, in order to make some appointments for treatment. Unfortunately, it turned out that Mr. Wieslaw was then in Poland, specifically in Rzeszow.

   Terrified that I have another sleepless night in the armchair ahead of me, I made the attempt to contact him by phone and I was successful. I told the lady who answered the call directly that I need help immediately and after a while I received instruction to call his mobile phone.

    Mr Wieslaw answered and asked: what is the problem you are having? When I just started to describe my ailments, he interrupted me and said: it is enough, I see the problem. He recommended that I go to sleep in my bed (not on the armchair) at the normal time, and at night he will send me healing energy.

   I did as recommended. After some time I felt twice some strong impulses, as if streams of electricity going through the right side of my lower abdomen, evoking a slight pain that diminished and disappeared. Then I felt twice a strong beat of my heart and slight prickling sensation in the bronchial area – then I fell asleep.

    Finally, I slept well (what a relief that was), and when I woke up about five in the morning I called Mr Wieslaw to thank him. The time difference in relation to Europe was to my benefit. The biotherapist asked in short: how are you feeling? I confirmed gingerly that I had slept the entire night. He laughed and said: that is very good, see you in Canada, in my office in Mississauga next week.

    After this, what seemed to be improbable event that I experienced, I had several direct therapy sessions with Mr Jaroslawski and everything returned to normal.


    Once again, this time in writing, my sincerest thanks for the on-the-spot help and the later very effective help.


    Jerzy J.

    Hamilton (Ontario) - 03.06.2014.