Ailments: Strong pain after a fall - from base of skull to upper part of back.

My health problem started after I fell down on stairs which I was climbing while carrying a heavy computer base of discs. I fell on my forearms but the weight of the carried load caused a sharp pull upward in my shoulders. The next day I felt strong pain from the base of my skull to the upper part of my back and could hardly raise my arms or turn my head. During the next nine weeks I waited for treatment of these injuries, but the strong pain and stiffness persisted and pierced me from the neck through the shoulders all the way to my back. The pain was so sharp that it often interrupted my sleep.

In such a state I made an appointment to see Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski. The therapist conducted comprehensive energy process, concentrating later on the most painful to me area of the neck, shoulders and back, which took about a quarter of an hour. At first, right after the meeting, I did not feel anything special, but in the next three days I experienced greater pain, but the area of where it occurred was getting smaller. The third day I still had a stress headache but this occurred in its small part, about the size of a fist. The fourth day about noon I noticed that the stiffness and pain disappeared. Again I could easily raise my shoulders and turn my head, just as well as before the accident. All the bad symptoms disappeared with unprecedented speed.

I am truly grateful for what Mister Wieslaw has done. The entire energy therapy was pleasant and delicate and the effect in my case came unbelievably quickly.

With words of the greatest esteem,
Angela W.
London, Ontario, 10.04.2010